Team BHO


Team BHO Fishing is growing, rigged up and ready!

BHO has assembled a great group of hardcore yakkers to represent the shop and several of our amazing partners.

We are proud to have Old Town and Ocean Kayaks outfitting us with some of the industry’s most advanced fishing kayaks on the water. The team represents a range of boats from the Predator series including the ALL NEW, PDL pedal drive, the POWER-DRIVE, Minn Kota, Predator MK, and the REDESIGNED, Ocean TRIDENT series. These kayaks are all sit on top platforms, stand-up capable, and built salt-water tough with features and accessories that are industry leading. Some of our other sponsors include COSTA sunglasses, Malone Trailers and carriers, Carlisle paddles, ExtraSport PDF, Ram mounting systems, Stormr gear and various tackle manufacturers.


Chris Wahl


We are proud to announce that Chris Wahl has Joined BHOFISHING as our team captain. Chris brings with him 12 years of kayaking knowledge and on-water experience and a lifetime of fishing for anything that swims. His passion for the outdoors shines through from the moment that you meet him. Always willing to share and learn, Chris really enjoys teaching our future fishermen about conservation and all of the natural resources our area has to offer.

“It’s about giving back and passing on a tradition that my father shared with me. Fishing has guided me through some tough times growing up in NY. While kids my age were getting in trouble with graffiti and other things, I was on the water fishing from sunrise to sunset.”

Chris established, built and was the team leader of the Three Belles Outfitters Fishing Team and was a member of the National Hobie kayak Fishing Team prior to coming on board with BHO and Old Town Kayaks. He Joins Jamie Verab, Scott Schneider, and Jack Tibbens, and Jesse Roche of the BHO kayak fishing team. We look forward to having Chris and all his experience, leadership and passion, as  the team gets ready to hit the water this coming season. Look for some great things to happen and follow us  @BHOfishing,   #BHOfishing

Jamie Verab


We are proud to announce that Jamie Verab is back for the second consecutive year, as our freshwater tournament expert.

Jamie brings over 10 years of freshwater tournament fishing knowledge and a highly competitive edge. He started his career in 2007 fishing both small and large bodies of water at the federation club level. He’s won multiple events both with his bass boat as well as his Old Town Predator MK kayak. He established, and is the owner of New England Bassin (NEBASSIN), which is a regional bass fishing tournament series that services all of the New England states.

His passion for bass fishing and growing the sport radiates through his energy from the moment that you’re in front of him. Always willing to share, learn and grow the sport, Jamie really enjoys teaching our future anglers about the environment and the sport of fishing. He commits himself to attending fishing shows and giving seminars during the off season and on the water all other times of the year practicing and fishing competitively throughout the region.

“It’s about giving back to our youth and the community for what the sport has offered me. I was hooked at the age of 8 when my older brother took me fishing in a stream. Weeks later he brought me to a pond where I caught my first BIG bass, where from that point on, I was hooked. There is something about hooking into a fish that you can’t see, and not really knowing its exact size or species until it becomes visual on top of the water.”

We look forward to having Jamie and all his experience and passion, as the team gets ready to hit the water. Look for some great things to happen and follow us  @BHOfishing,   #BHOfishing

Scott Schneider 


Scott was first introduced to fishing at a very young age by his father. Now an avid outdoorsman, Scott spends most of his time on the water, salt and fresh exploring everything it has to offer. From the shore to the middle of the ocean, Scott tries to find new and inventive ways to bring fishing to his peers and community. Participating in several tournaments across the State, his joy for fishing only grows as does his anticipation for the next big catch. His successes in saltwater fishing tournaments only encourage him to expand his appreciation for the sport. His favorite fish to target are striped bass and the infamous tautog, which his friends claim are the reason he spends many days and nights on the water looking for the perfect catch.

Scott then discovered the niche of kayak fishing in 2004, where he decided he wanted to take his fishing to the next level. The challenges of kayak fishing have motivated him to research, travel, and launch to new areas. “There is nothing like the feeling of adrenaline you get when your kayak is being dragged around solely by the fish on the end of your line,” says Scott. When camping, Scott says Kayak Fishing is the best way to get around, “Load up the yak, and head out for the weekend, the kayak’s got everything I need and all I need to have a good time.” The kayaking community has enthused Scott to become well rounded in all the opportunities that kayak fishing presents. “This isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and wherever it leads me will only be a continuous enjoyment of this journey I started with my dad many years ago.”

Jack Tibbens


Jack walked in off the street last fall and dazzled us all by winning our first annual  Kayak- division, BlackFish tournament, battling HARSH weather conditions and slaying a 10+ pound Taug that took top honors over a field of 20 plus yakkers. He also took home an OLD TOWN predator 13 as top hook! Not a bad way to kick things of with BHO and certainly got our attention as well!

“Fire-Ball” has had the passion for fishing since childhood and has been competing in fishing tournaments since 2006 as a non-boater. In 2015 he started competitive kayak fishing career with New England Bassin where he is now a two time Connecticut kayak champion and hold the lunker title for the past two seasons.  With growing up on the ocean shore it’s hard to forget about the wealth of knowledge when  it comes to saltwater from shore to off shore game. In 2016, he won the tog-October at Black Hall Outfitters which was his fist saltwater kayak tournament that he entered. His knowledge, perseverance and experience in both fresh and salt water has allowed him to become the angler he is today.

Jesse Roche


Jesse brings with him 8 years of kayaking as well as a lifetime on the water and outdoors. He comes from a nature-oriented family. From his Grandfather, a Forrester, and Grandmother, an Audubon society member, to his parents, both always outdoors, and father who worked for years in marine sciences. Instead of Disney World, Jesse’s family spent summers in the wilderness of the Minnesota Boundary waters in an Old Town canoe and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He wouldn’t trade it for anything. After 10 years as a radio personality on 97.7 WCTY FM, he now produces and hosts “Fishing Today” a weekly radio program on 1310 WICH AM in Norwich as well as a podcast. “It’s basically NPR for fishing. I try to be informative and news oriented. It’s a lot of fun because both myself and the listener can learn new things about fishing every week.”

Jesse is also involved with the New England Fishery Management Council serving his first term as a recreational fishing panelist. There, he and other representatives from our New England states set up the framework for new fishery regulations. “I am very conservation-oriented. Preserving our fishery means a lot to me. I look forward to spreading that philosophy as a member of the BHO Fishing team”