March 20th - Trout Magnets FTW

The warm weather is on its way and it’s starting to feel like spring! The DEEP continues to stock all over the state, with some hotspots being the Mill, Eightmile, and Yantic Rivers. Anglers are doing well on trout magnets, Rapala countdowns and flies. Remember the water is cold, so work it slow! The small lakes and ponds are starting to thaw out across the state, providing some of the best bass fishing of the year! Slow rolled swimbaits and jerkbaits are the hot ticket. On the River, kayak anglers are coming across large schools of yellow and white perch, as well as pike. On the Housy, the bite is heating up, the bigger fish are still coming at night but the daytime bite is getting better and better. 4-5” swimbaits on a jighead are what you want! The Westbrook shop is open, and we have ALOT of TROUT GEAR!!