March 23rd - Freshwater Fishing For the Win!

The BHO kayak crew has been putting the time in on the freshwater side, and got out a few time for largemouth. Jig bite was best. Found that the bass where on wood. Not just any wood seem to be on trees that had a drop off or steep bank under them. Color of jig didn't really seem to matter but most on green pumpkin with black and blue trailer. some crappie fishing on lunch break this week as well as schoolie holdovers 1 night this week. Bite was extremely slow. Diawa SP minnow retrieved as slow as you can stand it did produce a couple small ones. The herring have started to move in so the bite should be picking up this week. 
Of course...trout continue to satisfy, small baits/ lures, as you can possibly throw are producing the best. Evan of Bignosebassin continues to keep things tight and corona-free, by tangling with these 5lb+ beauties on the fly on the local streams here in the Clinton area