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May 31st - Everything except Fluke!

May 31st - Everything except Fluke!

The past couple days have been rainy, but the fishing hasn’t slowed down! The striper fishing is hot in the river, with fish up to 40” being caught on Gravity tackle eels. The average size fish is 24-30” but bigger fish are being caught on bigger baits. The reefs are also heating up, with slot sized fish being caught on slow pitch jigs and bucktails. The porgy fishing is just starting to heat up from land and boat. Guys are doing well on all the local reefs with clams, squid and jigs. Seabass is getting better by the day, with most fish being caught on deep structure and rocks. The best bait/lures are definitely the Daiwa fk jigs, producing fish on a 5:1 ratio as compared to bait. Fluke is still quiet locally, but we’ve heard great things out of Montauk and Greenport. The blues have arrived, and are sticking with the stripers. They can be caught on just about anything, on any reef. In the freshwater scene, bass are just starting to leave their beds and find some weeds to call home. Reports coming from Candlewood and surrounding lakes say that some fish are still on beds but most have moved to the inner weedline and can be caught on ned rigs and tubes. The DEEP announced their final stocking last week, which means they will not stock any more trout until the fall. The best spots still remain the Farmington and Salmon rivers. However the DEEP announced that they are stocking catfish in city park ponds, with fish averaging 12-14”. We have good weather ahead of us, and you should go fishing!

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