November 10th- Tog Time is Now!

What a tog weekend we are having here. Cold air temps kept many anglers off the water, but those that braved the day were rewarded with lots of action. The shallower areas from the walls to 30′ produced about a 5:1 short to keeper ratio, but those fishing deeper water found lots of quality fish with quick limits reported in 40 plus feet of water.

10+ oz sinkers are necessary and while the tide is ripping its gonna be closer to 14oz. We have been employing a new technique lately and its been paying off in spades. Try 3-waying a light jig from Asylum and S&S Bucktails under your sinker. The jig kind of flutters in the current but stays lower in the water column. This has been extremely effective in the deeper water we currents we have been fishing.

Striped bass are still hanging on and we FINALLY have big bait back in the water locally. I expect to hear some great reports. Our own @bignosedbassin Evan Kamoen has already cashed in on the fish feeding on these bunker schools the last couple days


The fishing is really quite good right now and we have been lucky to see the CT DEEP truck stock lots of water close to home. From the Shetucket to the Naugatuck the state has put in some nice salmon and the action has been hot. Drifting nymphs and egg imitations under an indicator is a great way to catch, as well as swinging streamers like a Micky Finn. I was lucky enough to land this 5 pound fish on a nymph this week and had the river to my self.