November 18th- Deep for Blackfish, But the salmon are biting

What a blackfish season we are having! While the bite is still hot, depth of the fish has changed dramatically the last 10 days. Shorts can be found anywhere, but almost all he keeper fish we have heard and weighed are being caught in 50-70′ of water now. With the moon behind us the current should be a bit calmer and we may get away with 10oz instead of the 14-16 we needed all week.

We will have crabs through the closure of the tog season on November 28th, bearing our distributors are still setting their pots.

Freshwater fishing is where its at right now. The trout and salmon action could not be better with spin, center pin, and fly fishing all producing so well! BHO team members Jack Tibbens and Scott Schneider have been beating up the Shetucket river and have found a salmon each outing.

Jack Tibbens Pin for the Win!

Our next post will be our Holiday Gift guide! Full of the best deals of the year on the gear you cant live without! Stay tuned…