October 18th- Storm’s Over, Fish ON!

Quite a wacky couple of days of days of weather we had here on the shoreline. From torrential rains to hurricane force winds, the seas were angry but we are on the other side of it now and the weekend forecast looks tremendous.

Before the storm we saw some AWESOME fishing. The false albacore have returned and were easily caught from Niantic to Clinton. The fish are on peanuts and when this happens the catch ratio tends to go through the roof! Try larger baits in some brighter colors. This will help differentiate from the massive schools of bait and may help with the stained water we are dealing with at the time. Glows, pinks, and whites would be my first choices now.

Blackfishing remains nothing short of excellent. In the wake of #togtober2019, the fishing has stayed solid and finally some double digit fish have been reported locally. We recommend using jigs to 2.5oz and then switching to simple rigs like these when you have to use more weight.

This fish fell to an Asylum Jigz 2oz in the new Nightmare color, found exclusively at our Westbrook store.

Bass fishing has been pretty solid with fish being caught mid day through the evening. The fish are moving fast and furious on their trek south, so now is the time to intercept them on their voyage. Try areas with heavy current and of course search for bait fish. Mid sound areas tend to hold striped bass in the fall so don’t be afraid to explore a bit.

We had the privilege of hosting Kenneth Westerfeld at Tog Tober 2019. He was gracious enough to bring his world record tog mount down and let folks pick his brain about what he does to target true trophy blackfish. Take a look at the video he filmed while fishing our tournament and be sure to follow his Youtube channel as he puts out some great content.