September 13th- Fish Fear Friday the 13th!

Clear skies and cool evenings = Time to FISH!

This week we have seen a nice push of striped bass on the beaches from Watch Hill to West Haven. Tins, jigs, and soft plastics are out fishing larger baits from shore as the coast line is littered with peanut bunker right now. Match the bait accordingly to but odds in your favor. With the mix of blues, be ready to burn through plastics, but the juice is worth the squeeze as LARGE bass seem to approve of the plastics over the hard baits.

As I write this report Friday morning, a blitz is happening off Pine Island with blues and spanish mackerel killing the peanut bunker colored 7/8oz Hogy Epoxy Jig, a perfect addition to your funny fish quiver.

Boat anglers are finding bass on the break walls outside of the CT River, Westbrook, and Clinton. Live bunker or fresh dead baits are killing it. Don’t leave the dock without a handful of snag hooks and fresh bunker in case the bait is finicky. Large spooks like the DOC are catching well when fished on the edges of the bunker schools. So are larger Tsunami shads 5″ and larger. Try vertically jigging these on walls and on the edges of bait balls.

Justin Innes making the DOC DO WORK!

Fluke fishing has calmed locally but fish are still being caught well off Montauk. We have the last of our M3 spoons of the season on the wall and every spoon sold will come with a FREE BHO SPOON RIG ($3.99 value).

What a season its been offshore! The fishing was spectacular and shows no signs of slowing. Good sharks are being caught being caught as close as 10 miles south of Montauk. Steve Bender landed this hefty thresher just 5 days ago.

BHO Customer Steve Bender and crew with a nice Thresher

Tip of the Week

This time of the year treble hooks on plugs can be nothing short of a NIGHTMARE with small and funny fish alike. Along with the danger of a thrashing fish lodging a hook somewhere it dos not belong, they can be really tough on fish. We suggest changing out to inline single hooks or at the least a single dressed bucktail. Since I have done this I have not noticed a single change in hookup or landings and more over have had the piece of mind of not being hooked by an errant lure popping out of a fish’s mouth. We carry the VMC 4x Inline hooks at the Westbrook store and highly recommend them.

Daiwa SP Minnow size 13 rigged with singles. Notice the rear hook upward facing alignment.

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