September 27th- Big Bass are Chewing Bunker in the Sound

After that storm rolled through last night, it certainly feels like fall again. In its wake is a stretch of great weather and the fishing could not be better to take advantage of.

This week saw MULTIPLE fish from 40-50 lbs caught on our local reefs and off the beach. Montauk and Block are nice, but catching big fish close to home is where its at! Captain Keith Salisbury of Lori Marie Charters reported excellent fishing with love bunker, and had this specimen to prove it.

Tyler Burzenski wrangled this 46 lb bass off the beach in Old Saybrook this week fishing a fresh chunk of bunker (fresh bunker in stock!).

While the bass bite is in true fall run fashion, these fish will seek big bait as they full up on protein for their long trek south. Even fishing artificial baits around bunker schools can be super effective, so don’t leave home without some larger Tsunami Shads or 247 Mully’s. This will allow you to fish the surface and mid to low sections of the water column with the right size lure to match the adult bunker the bass are feeding on at the moment

On to the hardtails. It’s been a “weird” week, but there is plenty of action in the sound. You just have to erase your normal plan of action before you start your search. Heading west we are seeing bonito off the beach in Madison and continuing west to New Haven Harbor, albies are mixed in as well. This slug of fish we saw off Old Lyme last week seems to be parked between New Haven and Stratford right now with another good concentration of fish even further west of there. The same baits are working as the fish are on small bait, so stick with Hogy Heavy Jigs, Game On Exo Jigs, and Deadly Dicks 1oz or under. Once the funnies get on peanut bunker, you can switch to larger lures and usually your trips will go from “fishing” to “catching” rather quickly.

VERY cool shot of an albie that fell to a Deadly Dick!

Seabass seems to be the sleeper right now as most people have turned their attention towards typical fall species. Don’t sleep on these guys though, as the fishing has been really good over the last 10 days. Fish are in shallower water now, 40-60′, and are happy to eat clams, squid, or any artificial you send down including Savage Squish Jigs, which were the jig of choice back in the Spring and Summer.

Tip of the Week

When you get into a picky school of false albacore or bonito, try chumming with peanut bunker or spearing. Get the “slick”‘ going behind the boat and be keep the action close. This should help avoid having to run and gun to schools of fish.