April 3rd - Sandworms and Swimbaits

Spring is just around the corner and the fishing is getting better each and every week! Anglers in the salt are catching stripers in the rivers and...

March 26th - Cocktail Spinners and Powerbait

Warm days and cool nights are here, spring is right around the corner, or at least feels like it. The fishing is getting better and better every we...

March 20th - Trout Magnets FTW

The warm weather is on its way and it’s starting to feel like spring! The DEEP continues to stock all over the state, with some hotspots being the ...

March 13th - Spring Fishing Ahead!

The warm weather continues, and it’s bringing some spring fishing! The DEEP continues to stock all of their rivers, lakes and ponds with trout.

March 6th - Lotso Fish!

Spring is coming and the fishing is heating up. The state of Connecticut recently opened up trout fishing, in hopes to reduce crowds that would app...

February 26th - Big Trout, Warm Weather

Weather is warming up and fishing is getting better! Anglers fishing freshwater are still finding safe ice all around CT, with the best lakes being...

February 20th - Warm Weather, Warm Thoughts

With warmer weather (hopefully) coming, anglers are finding better success than the past few weeks. 

February 12th - Dreams of Ice Fishing

It’s been cold and the fishing remains pretty consistent. On the saltwater side, anglers on the Housy are catching stripers on 5” swimbaits and slu...

February 5th - Rocking a Broken Hand

This past weeks cold front pushed a lot of fisherman to the ice. The ice fishing was hot last week on lakes like Mt. Tom and West Hill Pond.

January 30th - Cold Weather Sucks

This weeks cold front will cause the local lakes, ponds, and tidal rivers to freeze, pushing fisherman to the larger rivers or the hardwater.

January 25th - Striper Heaven

This week the temps will plummet, forcing anglers to ice fish or find some open water around tidal rivers.

August 12th - A Juicy Pre-Fall Setup

Stripers and Blues- Striper fishing is still in summer mode, meaning you can find some big fish but you’ve got to target them properly and at the r...