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Meet the NEW Shimano Vanford C5000XG!

Meet the NEW Shimano Vanford C5000XG!

NEW FROM SHIMANO -Smoother/Lighter/Stronger! - The new Shimano Vanford C5000XG takes the Stradic CI4+ technology to the next level by making an already great fishing reel even better! The Vanford is constructed of CI4+ (Shimano's carbon fiber body material) so it is extremely durable but light in weight. It features an MGL rotor which cuts a lot of weight out of the top of the reel, making it far more responsive. The Vanford C5000XG is outfitted with a powerful drag system that puts out up to 24 pounds of drag. The C5000XG also features a comfortable non-slip ball knob. This may be the most versatile multi-purpose spinning reel Shimano has developed in years. Whether you’re fishing saltwater or freshwater (or from shore, a boat, or a kayak) the Vanford C5000XG has got you covered. In stock at Black Hall Outfitters! 

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