Spacious, Stable, Salty: Meet the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132
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Spacious, Stable, Salty: Meet the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132

Spacious, Stable, Salty: Meet the Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132

“Big water” is perhaps a bit misleading for a boat which is just at home in small, marshy feeder creeks as it is exploring the inshore saltwater scene. However, the name is also not wrong- this boat can take on everything, from smaller lakes and ponds up to the biggest water you can find: the ocean. At just over 13 feet long and boasting an ultra-stable tri-hull design, this paddle kayak offers a whole lot of versatility, comfort, and stability, all at a price point around $1,500.

If you’re a gear head or you like to accessorize, you’ll like this kayak. It comes equipped with 6 gear tracks, 3 rod holders, plenty of storage space in two side pockets, and a large rear tank well that can hold a cooler, a crate of tackle boxes, or even your favorite furry paddling partner.

Yes, this yak is plenty big enough to handle a dog on board- Weight capacity: 425 pounds! But wait, as your favorite infomercial might say- there’s more! Old Town calls the center console on this kayak a “Swiss Army Knife”, and it doesn’t disappoint in that realm by any stretch: magnetic hook and lure storage area, cup holder, two removable storage containers, splash proof storage for your phone and keys…it’s all part of the mod-pod center console. Big or small, this kayak stores it all!

Picture this: It’s time to plan a family day on the water and you need a workhorse kayak to hold the kids’ towels, a big cooler full of sandwiches and water, everyone’s phones, and some beach chairs for lounging when you get to your sandy paddle destination. The BigWater 132 can hold all of that, plus there’s still going to be enough space to toss in your favorite tackle box, some pliers, a net, and a couple of rods so that you can sneak off for a few casts while everyone else is occupied. With this kayak, you’re still good to go! If there’s time for a solo fishing trip on your favorite lake or inshore reef, the BigWater 132 can hold a cooler, multiple rods, all of your tackle, accessories, mount a fish-finder, hold dry clothes in case of rain, and still seat you comfortably and spaciously without feeling cooped up.

Speaking of the word “up”…do you like to stand when fishing? Me too. Standing in this kayak is a breeze. EVA foam deck pads are durable, easy to spray clean, and give your feet some cushion. Even in small waves, the wide base and stability-conscious design let you cast, set the hook, and fight fish of all sizes without worry. I promise you, I’ve tried it, and it’s easier than you think. A stand up assist strap even comes standard! Want to stay seated instead? The breathable and easy-to-adjust Element seat will keep your backside nice and happy while you take on the day. Perhaps the whole kayak is a Swiss Army Knife in and of itself!

Lastly, don’t be intimidated by the size of this yak. It is surprisingly easy to car-top, even by yourself. Spend a minute or two on YouTube learning how and practice in your driveway a couple of times. Before you know it, you’ll be itching to take the BigWater out every time the water is calling. This really is a boat for all of your paddling outings. The BigWater 132 will not leave you disappointed, and whether you’re heading out on a serious solo fishin’ mission or conveying the family’s supplies on a group paddle day, this kayak can take it all, and you’ll be happy for the extra stability and storage it provides versus other models. Stop by Black Hall Outfitters in Old Lyme or Westbrook Connecticut, and we will get you out on a test run and introduce you to your new favorite kayak: The Old Town Sportsman BigWater 132!

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