BHO MAKES THE NEWS: The creativity behind customizing kayaks in local business - Fox61

It’s become a niche business at Black Hall Outfitters; customizing kayaks so people can paddle in style.

Black Hall has locations in both Old Lyme and Westbrook specializing in all things aquatic, but it was during the COVID-19 crisis that they found their business of customizing kayaks became much more sought after.

Joe Harasyko, a self-described “Kayak Hot-Rodder” provides the steady hand behind the intricate builds.

The Kayaks are purchased as a separate unit – it’s what Harasyko does with aftermarket add-ons that has become so popular.

"We start with lights and electronics, anchor trolleys, rod holders, you name it," he said. “I always joke that I will put a pizza oven or a kegerator on the kayak if you want me to.”

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