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Fishing Tools

Fishing Tools

  • Umpqua River Grip Big Nip

    Original price $10.99 - Original price $10.99
    Original price
    $10.99 - $10.99
    Current price $10.99

    The new Umpqua “Big Grip Nip” Nippers are perfect for those who like to make big cuts... in their lines as well as their fishing budgets, Each one ...

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  • Accurate Knot Puller

    Original price $29.99 - Original price $29.99
    Original price
    $29.99 - $29.99
    Current price $29.99

    The Accurate 3″ knot puller is a great tool to cinch your knots tight without the risk of injuring your hands. It consists of two pieces that screw...

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Tools are essential equipment for anglers, and are designed to help make fishing easier and more successful. These tools include items such as fish grips, fish scales, line cutters, knot pullers, and more! Fish grips are designed to help safely handle fish without harming them, while fish scales accurately weigh the catch. Line cutters are used to quickly and easily cut fishing line, while knot pullers help hold your fishing line while you try to tie knots. Investing in quality fishing tools from Black Hall Outfitters can make fishing trips more enjoyable and efficient, and can also help to increase the chances of a successful catch.