July 12th - Full Summer Mode!
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July 12th - Full Summer Mode!

July 12th - Full Summer Mode!

Stripers and Blues

We are in summer mode, folks! Hot days, foggy mornings, and the occasional torrential downpour associated with a strong but fleeting thunderstorm. Those are our summer patterns for weather, and that means that your striper fishing tactics should also reflect the summer norms. If you’re fishing during the day after the sun is up, going deeper or in cool, moving water should be the goal. Using live bunker, which is still available near the river and west of the river, is still a great option, especially if you three-way it deep in rips or near reefs. Eels are also great options for three-waying during the daytime.

During low light hours, live eels, bunker, GT Eels, topwater, weightless soft plastics, and flutter spoons (which also work during the day) have been great options. The stripers tend to move shallower at night when the water cools and the baitfish, which tend to live up in tight, also become more active and easier to hunt. Slinging live eels up shallow or tossing a topwater spook in current seams is a great option.

Bluefish are around and continue to harass bunker schools. They seem to be very happy in our waters this year and are summering over. This is either great news or terrible news, depending on how you feel about bluefish.

Seabass and Porgies

Seabass fishing is back and reports have been good. It seems there are a lot of shorts around as well as some good ones, so keep moving and trying structure until you find the knotheads. Slow pitch jigs, bait rigs, Nomad Squidtrex, and other typical seabass offerings are working well. The Nomad Squidtrex in particular have been incredibly popular, with anglers saying they’re not only fun to fish but they catch giants too! Anglers are reporting both reefs and sandwaves are holding fish, so changing depths and structure seems to be the move until the big ones are located.


The strong start to fluke season has meant a good number of sign-ups for the annual BHO Fluke Fest coming up from July 20th to 23rd. The first 50 sign-ups get in on a captain’s bag with tons of good stuff! We are also offering a variety of Calcutta option within the tournament as well. Here is the sign-up link: https://www.blackhalloutfitters.com/blogs/explore/flukefest-2023-is-here


Todd Bruno - July 16, 2023

Thanks for the report!!

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