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FINALLY, the PERFECT SOLUTION for Old Town Sportsman kayak transportation!

FINALLY, the PERFECT SOLUTION for Old Town Sportsman kayak transportation!

Black Hall Outfitters, Boonedox, and Hydra Concepts are excited to unveil the SOLUTION for transporting Old Town Sportsman kayaks!

The Boonedox Landing Gear Track Kit is a creative and innovative way to transport today's larger and heavier fishing kayaks that has exploded in popularity since its introduction. However, many anglers have found that it can be difficult to install and can even cause serious damage to the hull of the kayak itself if not installed or used properly.

We here at Black Hall Outfitters have proudly teamed up with both Hydra Concepts and Boonedox to unveil the solution to this predicament, the Hydra Concepts Premium Aluminum Replacement Track Kit!

The Hydra Concepts Premium Aluminum Replacement Track Kit is not only an effective upgrade to the entire Old Town Sportsman line of fishing kayaks, but they’re also rock solid with ZERO flex, UNMATCHED durability, and a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY! They quickly and easily swap out for the stock plastic tracks, and provide a durable point of contact for the Landing Gear Track Kit, thus minimizing stress forces that can cause future hull damage under the weight of the Old Town Sportsman line of fishing kayaks.

We had the privilege of installing a set of these tracks on one of our floor models and we were blown away by how much easier, cleaner and safer the install actually was. Using the provided rubber well nuts and stainless-steel hardware, the tracks had no flex and could support the stress of the Landing Gear Track Kit with ease! Not only do the Hydra Concepts Premium Aluminum Replacement Track Kits provide a perfect solution for the Landing Gear Track Kit, they also work amazingly for firmly securing oversized GPS or Fish Finder units that tend to be top-heavy and flex under normal use.

HURRY IN to grab your Hydra Concepts Premium Aluminum Replacement Track Kits and Boonedox Landing Gear Track Kits while supplies last! These amazing products WILL fly off the shelves, so HURRY!

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Boonedox started simply. We started as part of a small machine shop with a few employees looking to improve their own gear. We then began to look at the market as a whole and immediately saw several areas for improvements. Our background in metalworking meant that we could affordably supply quality solutions. With a little teamwork and ingenuity, we quickly developed the best truck bed extender on the market, and so began Boonedox. Since then, Boonedox has committed to developing solutions for outdoor gear, all while remaining environmentally conscious and keeping our manufacturing in our great state of North Carolina. As we continue to grow, we hope that you will continue to support and grow with us.

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We are Hydra Concepts, a small kayak accessory manufacturer located on the southeastern coast of Connecticut. We pride ourselves on our innovative product designs and manufacturing techniques. We hope to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide lifetime support for all your paddling adventures.

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