Why You Should Buy Old Town Kayaks From an Authorized Dealer
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Old Town Kayak Dealers & Stores (in CT): Why Buy From an Authorized Dealer

Old Town Kayak Dealers & Stores (in CT): Why Buy From an Authorized Dealer

Old Town kayaks are widely recognized as the world's leading fishing kayaks, largely thanks to their overall performance, technology, reliability, and value. As the largest Old Town kayak dealer in the United States, Black Hall Outfitters (BHO) complements the craftsmanship and attention to detail that's put into every kayak with exceptional customer service, professionalism, and quality.

If you’re in the market for a new kayak, there are a few things to know before purchasing. One of the most important things to consider? Why you should buy your next kayak from an authorized dealer. Here's a closer look at why BHO excels as a Connecticut Old Town kayak dealer:

About BHO and Old Town Sportsman Kayaks

Quality. Craftsmanship. Performance. Reliability. Flexibility. Value.

Purpose-built for fishing on rivers, lakes, backwaters, and even ocean waters, Old Town is the leading brand in sport kayaking. Known for their advanced designs and forward-thinking propulsion technologies, Old Town specializes in developing industry-leading kayaks that are power, pedal, or paddle style – and each kayak is backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Old Town Sportsman Kayaks

As the leading exclusive Old Town kayak dealer in Connecticut and throughout the country, BHO offers every type of Old Town kayak for purchase. Some of the most popular models BHO offers include:

Why BHO for Old Town Kayaks?

Don't just search "Old Town kayak dealer near me" and work with the closest store – you want the best quality products and exceptional customer service. And when it comes to Old Town kayak dealers, BHO is the best you can work with. As an authorized Old Town kayak dealer, we'll work with customers throughout the country, and you can rest assured that any kayak you purchase will arrive in the condition that it was shipped in (no matter how far we have to send it!). BHO cares about quality service, so you'll never have to worry about receiving a kayak that's damaged upon delivery.

Other reasons to work with an authorized Old Town kayak dealer such as BHO include:

  • You'll receive Old Town kayaks from a reliable and knowledgeable source. 
  • At BHO, we pride ourselves on our shipping techniques. We partner with top-of-the-line carriers to ensure your kayak gets to you as quickly (and, more importantly, SAFELY) as possible.
  • As mentioned above, BHO is the country's largest authorized dealer of Old Town kayaks and stocks the best and latest products from the brand. Authorized dealer status isn't just something that's handed out by brands; it's something that's earned over time.
  • We’ll rig it up for you! Your first hour is even on us.

At BHO, we're all avid outdoors people and expert kayakers – we're always willing to share our experiences and expertise with everyone we do business with to ensure the product they purchase meets their needs and lifestyle.

Old Town Sportsman - Black Hall Outfitters

Contact Black Hall Outfitters Today

Not all Old Town kayak dealers offer the quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service that BHO does. It's a big part of why we're not just the leading Old Town kayak dealer in CT but the United States. Contact BHO today for more information and to browse our selection of Old Town kayaks.

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